You can't change a dog's past, but you can write the future.

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Volunteer Services

MyLocalData is a firm believer of adopting dogs from rescues, shelters or in our case, the streets. Below are two of our rescues, Winnie (left) and Persephone (right) who were found on the streets of Orlando, FL and Columbia, TN.

MyLocalData has a HUGE soft spot for animals, especially dogs. We enjoy and encourage connecting with veterinary clinics and dog rescue groups of all breeds. If you are a local veterinarian clinic who has fallen on hard times, or if you are a licensed non-profit animal rescue, we will be happy to donate our time and knowledge to help you accomplish your mission. MyLocalData believes money spent on IT would be more beneficial if it was spent on the animals. Please use our "Contact Us" page and we will be in touch with you.