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Looking to purchase or deploy a SIEM, EDR, or ZTNA solution?
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With FortiEDR and XDR, your devices will integrate with Fortinet's FortiGuard services, ensuring all your company devices, including IoT devices are secure and protected from any unwanted ransomware and virus attacks.

Want to remove the need for employees to utilize VPN when trying to access corporate resources? Our experts will design and upgrade your company to a Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA with the FortiEMS client. FortiEMS will also allow you to push corporate firewall polices such as Webfilters to the client devices, making off-premise devices adhear as if they were behind your FortiGate firewall.

FortiSIEM and FortiSOAR
Complete your corporate's security with FortiSIEM. We offer and support on-premise and Cloud-based SIEM services ensure your company's compliance needs are met. Combine it Fortinet's FortiSOAR for those automated tasks and response, relieving your SOC team from alert fatigue.